MyLumper November 2016 - July 2017

I worked in a financial tech startup as a full stack engineer and UI lead on a payment processing application for the trucking industry. The application was built using React/ Redux (with TypeScript) for the UI, a Node API (TypeScript) built on Express and Postgres database. We used for real time updates and integrated Twilio, Slack, Sendgrid and other 3rd party services to provide functionality. My role was primarily building custom React components and utilizing external libraries/ components to provide functionality based on specifications set forth by the business as well as feedback from customers. I also developed our UI unit and functional testing process using Jest and Enzyme as well as Mocha and Chai. We worked in agile, one week sprints, managed our projects with JIRA and Trello, used Github and Gitlab for source control and deployed on Heroku.

Independent Consultant
May 2014 - Present - Business Solutions, Inc

I work with a client in the freight industry developing out a company platform to track orders across the entire lifecycle from request through delivery and invoicing. Applications are built utilizing React and Material-UI for desktop and mobile. Mobile apps are built on the ReactNative platform for cross platform development. The system allows users to log in, place orders and track shipments from start to finish. I lead a team of developers working on each piece of the system ensuring development meets functional and quality expectations.

October 2015 - November 2016 - RevUnit

I work as a full stack hybrid mobile app developer on an internal Walmart team. I maintain a NodeJS based API layer and help in development of an hybrid mobile app (Notes App). I also have helped build and maintain several other smaller internal apps for specific meetings throughout the year. We utilize HapiJS for API and integrating with backend services and Ionic (Angular) for front end development.

May 2015 - September 2015 - Groups 360

I worked leading front end and UI development of data visualization displaying event metrics within the hotel industry. Applications were built using the AngularJS framework, Angular Material for UI and ChartJS for charting. I also worked with a Ruby on Rails backend service helping to debug and troubleshoot/correct any code issues.

Jan 2015 - May 2015 - Mitchell Communications, Plumflower Software

Other recent work involves custom UI development on the Salesforce platform (for Salesforce) with Toyota Financial Services and Thrivent Financial. I built custom Visual Force pages and components as well as Lightning components. Both jQuery and Bootstrap were utilized in UI development of complete responsive custom components built for mobile and desktop views. I’ve also developed completely custom Wordpress based sites for the Walmart Careers Blog and NIET/Texas Tech University. The development included both custom themes and custom plugins.

May 2014 - Jan 2015 - Targeted Victory

I worked with Targeted Victory through the 2014 election cycle building a custom CMS system to integrate with their Wordpress plugin platform for helping voters register to vote as well as spread information on different candidates in their states. The system was built on NodeJS utilizing ColdFusion 9 API system, HandlebarsJS for templates and ExpressJS for the server side web framework.


I worked as senior UI on the Walmart Savings Catcher project. I was responsible for all aspects of front end/ui development on the team. The application was built on NodeJS using the HAPI framework and Handlebars template system. We utilized Susy (for SASS) for CSS development and unit tests were developed with Mocha.


I worked on a special internal digital agency team within Walmart Stores. I was responsible for building any store advertisements which were shown online, as well as product landing pages and email advertisements. I was also a special contractor with Global eCommerce based out of San Bruno, CA working as a Senior Engineer on the Savings Catcher project within @WalmartLabs.


I worked on a highly skilled team of specialists; my part was taking creative design and giving life to the art. My toolbox included Flash/Flex (Actionscript), PHP, .NET, Coldfusion, HTML, CSS and Javascript, Node.JS. I’ve delivered high end data infographic flash websites for United Healthcare Foundation as well as interactive touch screen kiosks for brands such as EA Sports, Pepsico, Walmart and Sam’s Club. I’ve also delivered high end mobile applications for the banking industry as well as several mobile prototypes for the likes of Sam’s Club and Proctor & Gamble and most recently, I was part of a small team which delivered both the Mitt’s VP app as well as the Romney-Ryan app. My focus being on Android development with Flash for both those projects. I’ve developed multiplayer games for Bicycle Cards (Euchre, on Facebook). I’ve been the life bringing force to the online brands of many high profile product lines at Walmart including (but not limited to) Miley Cyrus and Max Azria clothing line, Your Zone furniture bedding and décor and Maybelline New York’s Vibrating Mascara. I’ve created a 3D hat configurator utilizing Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and Coldfusion to an SQL Server. The product configurator has become the integral part for the client’s online sales revenue. All online sales are routed through the virtual cap application which has become the focal point to the company’s entire sales system. I specialize in bringing interactive life to API systems such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. From a 2 page spec sheet and a few PSDs, I built Walmart’s online training tool required by every supplier (if you sell into Walmart, you’ve used my software) which delivers online, on demand training to suppliers to maximize their efficiency within the Walmart environment. This same software was rebranded, modified and sold to Tyson for sales reps, Disney University and many other companies who needed a simple yet effective online training solution for low cost and minimal effort.
Through my direct efforts (and the others on the team) we’ve pushed our company to the forefront of technology and the industry with being acknowledged by Ad Age as the 2009 Small Agency of the Year and #3 on Ad Age’s 2010 A-List (and countless other awards).


I worked as developer within the company building an inventory management system which also began the process of moving the company to a paperless courier/dispatch system. Built using the Flash Framework for front end, an XML API layer built with PHP utilizing both SOAP and custom XML transports and a backend built with PHP as well, there are applications for dispatchers and admins of the company to manage and track all shipment and delivery process going on at any given time. There is also a client side portal so current customers can log in and print shipping labels for delivery as well as track any shipments currently out for delivery. The system helped move Business Solutions to a preferred regional carrier with Tyson Foods and pick up the business of several other small businesses in the area.



Javascript, Actionscript, Typescript, PHP, C#/VB .NET, Java


React/Redux, Angular, MaterializeCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Testing Libraries

Mocha, Chai, Jest, Enzyme

Libraries (commonly used)

Express, HapiJS, Material UI, Moment, Lodash, SequelizeJS


PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite, Reddis


Git, Node/NPM, Bower, Gulp, Grunt, Docker, AWS/EC2, Heroku